Vital Records of Keene, New Hampshire

The Keene Public Library received a federal LSTA grant in 1999, through the New Hampshire State Library, to purchase a scanner and computer. One of the goals of this grant was to scan and digitize historical documents and photographs of the Keene, NH area. Because the Vital Statistics of Keene are in great demand by genealogists and historians, and because the physical volumes are in such bad shape, we decided that our first phase of the project would be to scan the Vital Statistics.

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Several volunteers have assisted in this project, most notably Bob Borden, Deborah Roche, Alice Gomes, Cynthia Scott, Meg Brodhead, and Melissa Decoteau, who put in long hours scanning and editing text, as well as Dennis House, Gaale Klein, Emily Graves, Adam Van Dell, Alice Kingsbury, Diane Miller, Daniel Davis and Peter Wright. While every effort has been made to correct all of the errors resulting from scanning the text, some mistakes might still occur. If you are aware of any, please let us know by contacting us.

A special thank you to Bob Borden and Gaale Klein, whose herculean efforts allowed us to finish this project!

When the original volume indicated mistakes in a "Corrections" section, these corrections have been incorporated into the text.