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School Assignment Alert

TEACHERS: Please help us help your students! If you alert us when you know that students will be using the public library for research projects and other assignments we can be better prepared to help them. If possible, please fax a copy of the assignment to the library, attention Gail Zachariah, at 866-743-0446.

STUDENTS: If you need help with an assignment, please use our Ask a Librarian form or use (live homework help!) for assistance.

What kind of information will the students need to find? What are the details of the assignment?

If there are any materials the students are REQUIRED to use for this assignment, please let us know.

Are there any restrictions on the types of materials that can be used? For example, no encyclopedias, must use 2 magazine articles, etc.

If possible, suggest one or two resources (books, magazines, web sites) that you think would be useful for your students to use.

If you require a certain citation form, please let us know.

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