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5.500 Use of Heberton Hall

It is the intent of the Board of Trustees that Library-related programs shall receive priority scheduling for use of Heberton Hall.  However, in accordance with the Agreement Among The Trustees of the Keene Public Library, The Friends of the Keene Public Library and The City of Keene, New Hampshire, the Library will make the Hall available for other civic activities including other City and community meetings and activities as long as those events do not interfere with Library operations.  All groups using the Hall will be responsible for enforcing all rules listed on the Heberton Hall Use Information Sheet and sign the Heberton Hall Use Application.

5.500A Heberton Hall Use Information Sheet

5.500B Heberton Hall Use Application

5.500C Revocable License and Indemnification Agreement (No Alcohol)

5.500D Revocable License and Indemnifaction Agreement (Serving Alcohol)

Permission for the use of alcohol is obtained by applying to the City for approval by City Council. The revocable license is issued by the City for signature after Council approval.