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6.000 Art Exhibit Policy

6.001 The Keene Public Library invites artists to exhibit their works in approved spaces. An artist who wishes to make use of these spaces must agree to these provisions:

(a) The artist will assume total responsibility for the mounting of the exhibit and must conform to any constraints placed upon the exhibit space by the Library.

(b) When meetings are scheduled in this facility, the artist must be present, or agree to have a representative present, during these meetings and during exhibit hours.

(c) The artist will assume full responsibility for the works exhibited. Neither the Keene Public Library nor the City of Keene shall assume any responsibility or obligation for any loss or damage to any item or items so displayed. The displayed items are not and will not be covered under any insurance policy owned by the City of Keene. A certificate proving adequate insurance is held by the exhibitor to cover the value of the exhibited works and must be presented to the Library Director and the Library Art Display Release Form signed before the exhibit is mounted.

(d) No prices may be posted on the art works, or admission charged. A price list may be discreetly placed in the exhibit. However, no sales may be made on the premises.

(e) The selection of the artistic content of the exhibit will be governed by the same principles of intellectual freedom which underlie the Keene Public Library’s materials selection policy. See Policy 9.000 et seq., below.

6.001A Art Display Release Form