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Out-of-Town Borrowers

Non-residents of Keene who are not eligible for free cards may purchase a card.

blue bullet An annual or semi-annual fee is set by the Library Board of Trustees and the City of Keene. As of July 1, 2006, the charge is:

  • $30 for six months or
  • $50 for one year.

blue bullet The Library does not offer family cards. All cards are individual and non-transferable. The cardholder must be present to use the card.

blue bullet Children under age 18 may receive a library card. A parent or guardian must accompany them when they are applying for cards, sign for financial responsibility, pay the required fee, and accept and understand library policy regarding children's use of the Internet.

blue bullet The card is valid for six months or one year from the date of purchase.

blue bullet Renewal of out-of-town cards:

  • When renewing prior to the expiration date, the new expiration date will be one year (or six months) from the original date.
  • When renewing after the expiration date, the new expiration date will be one year (or six months) form the date of purchase.

blue bullet Gift certificates are available for purchase. 

  • When a person purchases a library card as a gift for someone else, Library staff will fill out a receipt so that both the person and the Library will have a record of payment. A gift certificate will be issued.
  • The recipient of the gift card brings the gift certificate to the library, fills out an application, and has the new card activated.
  • A library card issued from a gift certificate is valid for one year from the date the recipient activates the card.

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