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Westward Expansion

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Westward expansion

Frontier and pioneer life

Oregon Trail

West (U.S.)

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978 and j 978 West (U.S.)

Recommended Web Resources:

American Experience-Gold Rush! -Explore summer vacations of the past, flight, the California Gold Rush, the women's and civil rights movements, and technology in 1900. From the PBS show American Experience. 

National Park Service Trail of Tears -The Trail of Tears National Historic Trail commemorates the removal of the Cherokee and the paths that 17 Cherokee detachments followed westward.

The Oregon Trail -This web site is brought to you by teachers Mike Trinklein and Steve Boettcher, creators of The Oregon Trail, the award-winning documentary film that aired on PBS.

Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco -Driving the Last Spike. Information about the railroad to the West.

WestWeb -WestWeb is a topically organized Web site about the study of the American West.