Youth Easy Books

U.S. Constitution

When searching Keene-Link use these subject headings:


 Bill of Rights


 Constitutional Convention

 Continental Congress

When browsing the Keene Public Library shelves use these Dewey Numbers:

 323.4 and j 323.4 Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech

 342.73 and j 342.73 United States Constitution

 973.3 and j 973.3 United States Constitutional History

 General Titles:

Freedman, Russell. In Defense of Liberty: The Story of America's Bill of Rights. Holiday House, c2003.

Bijornlund, Lydia. The U.S. Constitution : blueprint for democracy. Lucent Books, c1999.

 Recommended Web Resources:

 Ben's Guide to Government for Kids -Explains historical documents including the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and others.

 The PBS Kids Democracy Project: How Does Government Affect Me? -This site has clear explanations of the three branches of government set up by the Constitution. You can also find out about what it's like to be president of the U.S. for a day and why voting is important.

 To Form a More Perfect Union -Site contains information about the work of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention.