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Native Americans

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Indians of North America

Native peoples

First peoples

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970.04 Indians of North America

General Titles:

Allen, Paula Gunn. As Long As the Rivers Flow: The Stories of Nine Native Americans. Scholastic, c2001, c1996.

McCormick, Anita Louise. Native Americans and the Reservation in American History. Enslow Publishers, c1996.

Monceaux, Morgan. My Heroes, My People: African AMericans and Native Americans in the West. Frances Foster Books, c1999.

Recommended Web Resources:

American Indian History as told by American Indians -The telling of stories is the essence of Indian culture. What better way to hear the stories than from the Indians themselves.

Judgement Day -With settlers moving further and further west, the need for land increased. This led to the government taking the land from the Native Americans and forcing them to leave.

WWW Virtual Library-American Indians -Index of Native American resources on the Internet.