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Folklore and Folktales

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 398 Folklore

 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Atlses, & Specific Subject References:

Favorite Folktales From Around the World. Pantheon Books, c1988.

Folktales Told Around the World. University of Chicago Press, c1975.

Jones, Alison. Dictionary of Folklore. Larousse, c1995.

 General Titles:

Earth Care: World Folktales to Talk About. Linnet Books, c1999.

Hamilton, Virginia. In the Beginning: Creation Stories From Around the World. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, c1988.

Spencer, Ann. Song of the Sea: Myths, Tales, and Folklore. Tundra Books, c2001.

Yep, Laurence. The Rainbow People. HarperTrophy, c1992, c1989.

 Recommended Web Resources:

 Electronic Journal of Folklore -Articles describe where different aspects of cultures came from and try to explain what the different folktales mean.

 Encyclopedia Mythica -Information about tales and stories of the past from around the world.

 Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts -Online links to folktales and mythology listed on the Internet.

 The Library of Congress: American Folklife Center -Information about folktales and folklore from American past.

 Myths, Folktales and Fairy Tales -There are activities for the students as well as information for the teachers on how to use this resource with their classes.

 Stories Legends and Folktales from Around the World -Tales from different countries around the world.