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     See also names of specific bridges and styles of bridges.

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 624.2 Civil engineering -Bridges

 725 Architecture of public structures

 Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Atlases, & Specific Subject References:

The New Book of Popular Science. Grolier, c2002.

The Raintree Illustrated Science Encyclopedia. Raintree, c1991.

 General Titles:

Macaulay, David. Building Big. Houghton Mifflin, c2000.

 Recommended Web Resources:

 Building Big-Bridges -Explore large structures and what it takes to build them with BUILDING BIG, based on a five-part PBS television series from WGBH Boston.

 Geometry of Bridge Construction -Explanations of the four kinds of bridges and some combinations.

 How Bridges Work -A look at the three major types of bridges so that you can understand how each one works. The type of bridge used depends on various features of the obstacle.