A History of the Town of Keene from 1732, when the Township was Granted by Massachusetts, to 1874, when it Became a City by S. G. Griffin, M. A.

With Events of Interest in the History of the City

From 1874 to 1904

by Frank H. Whitcomb

Published in 1904
Sentinel Printing Company
Keene, N.H.

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Title Page, Portrait of Author, and Table of Contents
Announcement, and Sketch [biography] of the Author
Chapter I - The Massachusetts Grant - 1732-1740 (pg.13-57)
Chapter II - Town Sovereignty and the Old French and Indian War - 1741-1749 (pg.58-95)
Chapter III - The Return of the Settlers and the New Hampshire Charter - 1749-1754 (pg.96-114)
Chapter IV - The Last French and Indian War - 1754-1760 (pg.115-135)
Chapter V - Habits and Characteristics of the Indians (pg.136-144)
Chapter VI - Town Affairs - 1760-1774 (pg.145-168)
Chapter VII - Revolutionary War - 1775 (pg.169-202)
Chapter VIII - Revolutionary War (Continued) - 1776-1777 (pg.203-233)
Chapter IX - Revolutionary War (Concluded) - 1778-1783 (pg.234-254)
Chapter X - The New Hampshire Grants - 1741-1782 (pg.255-271)
Chapter XI - Town Affairs - 1784-1800 (pg.272-311)
Chapter XII - Pioneer Life - 1736-1816 (pg.312-336)
Chapter XIII - Town Affairs - 1801-1810 (pg.337-351)
Chapter XIV - War of 1812 - 1811-1815 (pg.352-370)
Chapter XV - A Peaceful Decade - 1816-1825 (pg.371-394)
Chapter XVI - Town Affairs - 1826-1840 (pg.395-435)
Chapter XVII - Railroad and Industrial Development - 1841-1860 (pg.436-468)
Chapter XVIII - Keene in the Civil War - 1861-1865 (pg.469-529)
Chapter XIX - Town Affairs - 1866-1874 (pg.530-543)
Chapter XX - Miscellaneous Facts and Events (pg.544-554)
Biographical Sketches - A-Hea (pg.555-612)
Biographical Sketches - Hea-Z (pg.613-670)
Town Officers (pg.671-680)
City Chronology - 1874-1904 (pg.681-711)
Sesquicentennial Celebration (pg.712-731)
Additions and Corrections (pg.732-733)
General Index (pg.734-790)
Index of Maps and Illustrations (pg.791-792)

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Timothy Hall

It is with interest that though this history, I learned a little more about my ancester,Timothy Hall. Thanks for posting this on the internet.Regards: Andrew Hall in Connecticut

History of the Town of Keene from 1732

Thank you for letting us know! I'm so glad you found our History useful. We are very proud of it.