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Keene Public Library Endowment Fund

What is it?

blue bullet The Keene Public Library Endowment Fund is a designated fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

What does it do?

blue bullet It provides the Keene Public Library with a yearly income that will be devoted to community and outreach programming.

blue bullet As you know, your taxes support the operation of the library as well as the materials collection and we are grateful for this support. The Friends of the Keene Public Library also play an important role. They raise money to provide programming for children, adults, and families, museum passes and small equipment purchases. In addition, the Trustees have a small budget to support technology and training.

blue bullet There is much more to be done. For instance, we know that the first three years of life is a crucial development period for children and that the amount of exposure to the printed and spoken word will influence a child’s school readiness and future academic success. Young users of the library may become life-long users but not if they are neglected in their teen age years. Adult users benefit from programs that challenge and involve them. However, if the Keene Public Library is to increase our impact in the community, we must improve how we serve those in the community, particularly those that we under-serve now—very young children, low income children, young reluctant readers, youth, teens, low-income adults and adult non-readers, and senior citizens. Currently, the Library does not have funding to fully budget for this type of programming.

What types of programming will this funding allow the library to do?

blue bullet As the fund grows the yearly income is allowing the library to do projects such as the following:

  • Fund summer reading programs for citizens of all ages
  • Provide a comprehensive library program for children from birth to three years
  • Sponsor workshops for child care providers and parents on how to use books
  • Partner with other community organizations to offer reading programs for low income children, children who are reluctant readers, and adults with low litercy and reading skills
  • Provide programs for teens
  • Fund senior citizen programming and outreach
  • Bring exhibits of interest to the entire community

How can I help?

blue bullet Be a part of the Library’s future. Help the Library to serve the broad spectrum of our community and serve it well. Support this fund either by giving a stock or monetary gift or by making a bequest. Your gift will have a direct impact on individual lives, and will be greatly appreciated.

How to donate:

blue bullet Designate or send a gift to:

    Keene Public Library Endowment Fund
    c/o New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
    37 Pleasant Street
    Concord NH  03301

Thank you!