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City of Keene Residents

blue bullet Adults must have verification of their Keene street address (mail, lease, driver's license, utility bill, etc.). A driver's license with a P.O. box or PMB box is not sufficient, as it does not prove Keene residency.

blue bullet Children under the age of 18 may receive library cards. A parent or guardian must accompany them to apply for a card, sign for financial responsibility and accept and understand library policy regarding children. The parent or guardian must have verification of their Keene street address.

blue bullet Occasionally children receive their cards when they come to the library on a school visit. The classroom teacher distributes the applications and returns the completed ones to the library prior to the visit. No further ID or proof of address is needed. The application card, however, must be signed by the parent or guardian.

blue bullet Cards are issued for 3 years from the first date of the current month.

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