Science Fiction Books

Returns & Bookdrops

You may return materials to the library even when it is closed by using one of our book drops.

  • There is one book drop at the turn-around on the Winter Street side of the building; one side is for books and one side is for Audiovisual Materials such as DVDs and CDs. Note that the book drop may be closed during bad weather. If the book drop is full or if it is locked, please use an additional two book slots on the side of the library wall to the far right of the entrance doors.

  • There are two book drops built into the front of the library to the far right of the entrance doors. These are always open. 

  • Please do not return DVDs, audiobooks or CDs in the book side of the drop as this can cause damage to their cases. Instead, use the audiovisual side provided for these materials.

  • Keene State College's Mason Library materials may also be returned in the book and audiovisual drops.

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