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Annual Report 2009-2010
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Behavior in the Library
Birth records for Keene NH
Board of Trustees
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Booking a Meeting Room Form
Books & Genres information the Internet (subject guide)
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Borrowing information
Business and Finance information on the Internet (subject guide)
Businesses, Library Cards for
Bylaws of the Library's Trustees

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Calendar of Library Events
Cars (subject guide)
Central Square Story

Charges and fines
Checking Out Materials
Cheshire County information on the Internet
Children's book lists of recommended materials
Chilton Library (online car repair)
City of Keene
City of Keene Website Privacy Statement
Collections and Resources
Community Information (Keene area links)
College information on the Internet (subject guide)
Company information
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Computers at the Library
Consumer information (subject guide)
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Dear Reader Online Book Club
Death records for Keene NH
Directions to the Library
Donations, Gifts, Tributes
Downloadable Books
Downloadable Books help
Downtown Keene - an Historic Inventory

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Ebooks (downloadable)
EBSCOHost magazine index
Eight Simple Rules for Using the Library
Employment in the City of Keene
Events calendar


Facebook Fan Page
Fax machine for public use
Feeds (RSS) for recently added titles
Fiction - New Titles Lists
Film Series
Flickr - Keene Historical Photos
Flickr - Keene Public Library Programs
Framed art to borrow
Freedom to Read Statement
Friends of the Library
Friends of the Library meeting minutes

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Gale Legal Forms (online)
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Genealogy resources
Gift certificates for library cards
Gifts, tributes, memorials
Government resources (Internet links)
Great Books Discussion Group
Green Room photo
Griffin's History of Keene book


Hampshire Pottery
Health information online (Internet links)
Heberton Hall photos
Heberton Hall Use Information
Heberton Hall Use Application Form
Historic Keene Tour
Historical maps of Keene
Historical photographs of Keene at Flickr
Historical photos of Keene by Wardwell
History of Keene NH
History of Keene NH (Griffin book)
History of Keene NH (Upper Ashuelot book)
History of the Library
Holds - Placing an item on Hold
Holidays the Library is closed
Homebound service (Project Outreach)
Homeschooling information on the Internet (subject guide)
Homework help
Hours the Library is open
How long does this item check out for?
How to get to the Library

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Income tax information
InterLibrary Loan (ILL)
InterLibrary Loan Book Request form
InterLibrary Loan Article Request form
Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Internet links
Investment information online (subject guide)


Jobs in the City of Keene (and Library)
Job searching information on the Internet (subject guide)

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Kay Fox Meeting Room photo
Keene Area Links on the Internet
Keene City homepage
Keene historical photographs
Keene maps
Keene Mayors
Keene NH history
Keene NH birth, death, & marriage records
Keene, NH weather report
Keene Sentinel - library holdings


Language learning online (Mango)
Large Print - New Titles Lists
Law and Legal information on the Internet (subject guide)
Learning Express Library (practice tests)
Legal forms online
Library Bill of Rights
Library cards
Library history
Library location
Library policies
Library record - View your own
Library staff
Library Trustees
Links to the Internet
Loan periods
Local history
Location of the Library
Long Range Plan 2010-2015

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Magazine collection
Magazine indexes
Magazine list
Mango Languages online
Map of First Floor (Adult section)
Map of Second Floor (Youth dept.)
Map of where the Library is located
Maps of Keene (historical)
Marriage Records for Keene NH
Mayors of Keene
Medical and health information
Meeting Room photos
Meeting rooms - Booking Form
Meeting rooms usage rules
Memorials, gifts, tributes
Mental Health information on the Internet
Mission Statement
Mobile Website
Morningstar Investment Research Center (from within Library)
Morningstar IRC (from home)
Movie Series
Museum passes


New Hampshire Downloadable Books
New Hampshire Downloadable Books Help
New Hampshire information on the Internet
New Titles Lists
New Titles Lists linked to online catalog
New Titles Lists RSS feeds
News and Weather information on the Internet (subject guide)
Newspaper article indexes
Newspapers we subscribe to
Next Reads (book suggestion email newsletters)
Non-Fiction - New Titles Lists
Non-resident library cards

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Online Audio Books (Tumble Talking Books)
Online Book Club
Online books
Online catalog
Online databases
Online homework help
Online language courses (Mango)
Out-of-Town resident library cards
OverDrive downloadable books
OverDrive downloadable books help
Overdue fines


Parenting information on the Internet (subject guide)
Periodicals list
Phone number websites on the Internet
Phone numbers of library staff
Photographs (historical) of Keene
Photos of Keene by Wardwell
Photos of Library Events (on Flickr)
Place a Hold
Preschool storytime
Privacy statement
Program calendar
Program alert emails
Program evaluation form
Programming Scrapbook
Project Outreach
Property owners library cards
Purchase request form

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Recommended Internet Links
Reconsideration of Materials Form
Reference links on the Internet
Reference questions
Reference services
Request an Item (to be purchased)
Reserves (Holds)
Resources and Collections
Reviews of books, dvds, and other library materials, written by staff, volunteers, and interns
Rules of Behavior
RSS feeds
Ruth Huntress Auditorium


Scrapbook of Library Programs
Staff and vounteer book reviews
Story of Central Square
Storytimes at the library
Student library cards
Subject guides to information on the Internet
Suggestion for purchase form
Summer Reading Programs

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Talking books
Tax information on the Internet
Teachers' library cards
Teacher resources
Telephone number websites on the Internet
Things you might not know we have
3D Printer Use Policy
Tours of the library
Trustees Room photo
Tumble Books
Tutoring online
Tutors' library cards


Upper Ashuelot: a history of Keene NH

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View your own Library record
Vital Records of Keene
VolunTeen Form (pdf)


Wardwell photographs of Keene
Weather in Keene, NH
Weather websites on the Internet (subject guide)
Website Privacy Statement
Wednesday Night Films


YA Blog
YA Galley Review Online Form and printable PDF version
Youth department blog
Youth department map
YouTube Channel

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