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Prevention and Treatment of Lyme Disease

Tuesday, May 30, 2017, at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium

Dr. Chesney will discuss prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Lyme disease. Topics include tick bite prevention, a review of Lyme disease signs and symptoms, testing options, and pharmaceutical and herbal antibiotic treatment.

Dr. Alexis Chesney is a Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist specializing in Lyme disease. Dr. Chesney works with patients of all ages on chronic disease, general wellness, nutrition and lifestyle counseling. She believes in listening to her patients to hear who they are, where they are coming from, and how they experience health or disease. She works to create a collaborative relationship in order to address a patient's health concerns and overall wellness. Passionate about Lyme disease education in New England, Dr. Chesney enjoys lecturing to the public as well as providing training to health care professionals regarding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Lyme disease.