Montage 4

3D Makerlab - Introduction to 3D Printing

Tuesday, May 23, 2017, a 5 p.m. in the Youth Department

If you're curious about our 3D printer and want to learn about printing objects yourself, then this is the workshop for you. In this introductory workshop, we'll show you how to locate and download a 3D file and make changes to it using our Makerbot software. We'll also introduce you to our 3D printer and demonstrate how to navigate using its LED display. You'll go home with a 3D object and basic understanding of the printing process, which you can build upon by participating in future workshops. Participants will progress through the labs at their own pace, but once you attend three of these Makerbot training sessions and can demonstrate an independent understanding of the printing process, you're welcome to sign up to use our 3D printer anytime it's not in use.

Space is limited and registration is required. Participants should be 12 years old and over. Younger learners can attend with an adult co-learner.