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Call for Summer Volunteers

The Keene Public Library is looking for volunteers to help us offer more programs for our summer program. “Build a Better World, Read!” is designed to encourage children to continue reading and learning during vacation so that valuable skills won’t be lost. We hope to offer a variety of book, art, science, and technology activities for children. If you are interested in helping us, please let us know by calling Gail Zachariah at 603-352-0157 or submitting a Contact Us form.

Some of the things volunteers or interns may do this summer include:

  • Helping with registration and recording of books read by children;
  • Facilitating making and STEM experiences for kids ages 7 to 10
  • Scheduling and mentoring teen volunteers;
  • Soliciting donations of incentive prizes from local businesses;
  • Listening to children give oral book reports and talk about the books they've read;
  • Assisting the librarians with storytime, movies, gaming, or other programs;
  • Offering or helping with a craft program;
  • Overseeing and helping kids during drop-in craft events;
  • Preparing questions for future book discussion programs;
  • Creating a display or helping decorate the library spaces;
  • Chaperoning a reading party or special event;
  • Providing refreshments for a special event;
  • Offering a workshop using a special skill;
  • Helping the librarians tidy up and sanitize the play areas.

Volunteers will be required to provide references and undergo a background check paid for by the Keene Public Library which will include fingerprinting. The background check process can take a while so if you are interested, you should start the process soon. Volunteers under the age of 18 will need parental permission and a work permit.  More information about volunteer requirements can be found on our Volunteer Page.

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